About Us

Who is the H.E. Group?

Established in 2006, H.E. Group is an Australian private company that has a diverse Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Customer Service team with many years of experience in the Electrical Appliance Industry. We have a large portfolio of brands with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong, assisting with shipping, sourcing, product evaluation and development.
We are a vibrant company with fresh ideas that has been apparent in the H.E. Group strong growth over the past years. The business has focused on a first to market approach, product development with new and exciting innovations and a strong marketing presence. All this has contributed to H.E. Group being one of Australia and New Zealand's leading importers for electrical appliances.

Our Mission

H.E. Group is one of the freshest; most innovative companies in Australia today – a powerhouse in sales and marketing.
H.E. Group is a leading marketer and distributor of electrical lifestyle merchandise. Our focus is on building a sustainable platform from which to grow our brands through innovation, speed to market, customer intimacy and value added partnerships with all key stakeholders.

Responsible Sourcing

H.E. Group is committed to sustainable business practices across its operations and supply chain. We recognise that the actions of our suppliers, and our interactions with them support H.E. Group in its efforts to drive positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes beyond the products we sell.

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HEG Ethical Sourcing Policy 2022_V1.2