Frequent Asked Questions


Q: I do not have a PayPal account. Is there any other payment method I can use?

Yes, you can either transfer payment directly to our bank account or pay by a credit/debit card.


By Direct Bank Transfer:

Account Name: HE Group Pty Ltd

BSB: 083-347

Account Number: 596 215 327


After the payment is arranged, please email us (info@hegroup.com.au) the purchase details (product model number, product name and quantity) and you personal information (full name, mobile number and address). We will send out the spare parts as soon as we confirm receiving the payment.


By Credit Card or Debit Card:

On the Checkout page, click the yellow PayPal button. 

PayPal Icon

And it will give you an option to "Pay with a Card".


Q: There is no “add to cart” button for me to purchase the item.

This is a glitch if you find us via Google search. Please visit our website directly (hegroup.com.au) then the issue will be resolved.


Q: A part has broken on my machine and the part isn't listed on the website. Where can I find it?

Please give us a call on 1300 105 888 or 03 9500 0979 for our friendly customer service team to assist you in finding the right part for you. We have parts for most of the products but they’re not always listed on the website as it’s an obscure part not normally ordered.


Q: I bought one of your products but there’s a part missing in the box, do I call you or the store?

Please call us.  We will be happy to send out a replacement part for your product.


Q: How do I claim my warranty with a product?

Please call us first so that we can troubleshoot with you, it may be something that we can help with rather than going back to the store. If for some reason we can’t help you, we will authorize to take the product back to the retailer for a complete replacement or refund (providing the original receipt of purchase is presented).


Vacuum Cleaners

Q: Where can I get replacement filters for my vacuum cleaner?

You can get them from us directly, either on our website (just click Spare Parts > Spare Parts Category for the parts you need) or over the phone on 1300 105 888 or 03 9500 0979 (for NZ customers please call 09 8870 447).


Q: Can I wash my vacuum cleaner filters?

Yes, you can. Just rinse them under the tap with warm water and let dry naturally for 1 – 2 days, depending on your local weather before using them in your vacuum cleaner. Only use mild detergents if you need and do not use excessive heat to dry (heated ducts, hair dryer, etc.).


Q: My vacuum has lost suction. Why is that and what should I do?

Don’t get frustrated. Here is a very good vedio clip from ESPARES(UK) that explains what's the most common reasons of losing suction in a vacuum cleaner and how to fix it. If none of the solution helped, please give us a call. 


Q: My vacuum just stopped while I was using it! What do I do now?

All of our vacuum cleaners have been fitted with a thermal safety cut-off switch which activates to stop the motor from burning out. When it does that it will prevent the unit from turning on again until it has cooled sufficiently to reset, which is between 2 – 4 hrs. The most common reason for safety cut-off switch activated is the filters needs to be cleaned. Please read the instruction manual and follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. 


Q: I think I just experienced an "Electric Shock". Is there something worng with my vacuum cleaner?

What you experienced is only a "Static shock" and is not an "Electric Shock" from the motor or power supply.

It is quite common for some vacuum cleaners to create a static shock.  This is due to a build-up of an electrical charge in the plastic body and hose when vacuuming certain types of surfaces such as polyester and nylon carpets etc. Static build up is more prevalent in dry environments i.e. Humidity less than 50%. Central heating or air conditioning can cause a dry environment indoors. Occasionally, the user may feel a small shock as the static will discharge when the appliance is touched.  This also depends on if the user is wearing insulating footwear such as rubber or leather soled shoes, as if insulated from the floor, the user will not receive a shock, or at least, a very small one.

The appliance is double insulated and the metal or plastic vacuum hose tube is also insulated from the appliance by means of the flexible plastic hose. There is no cause for alarm.  If the static shock is a problem, it is recommended that insulating foot wear be used during vacuuming, or increase the humidity level in the surrounding environment or both.


Q: What's the difference with cyclonic to multi-cyclonic filtration system?

Multi-cyclonic is where the dust container has a plastic filter section inside and has many little tunnels in it that separate the finer dust and dirt for the next filter and there is no HEPA filter in the middle plastic filter section.

Cyclonic filtration is where there is a central HEPA filter that sits inside the dust container and catches the finer dust.


Q: My Vacbag keeps splitting when I use it, why does it keep doing that?

Your Vacbag may not be the one suited for your unit, as it will split if it is not the right size for the vacuum cleaner. The bag itself is not an issue with size or shape, but if the hose doesn’t fit into it then it breaks it. We have a range of Vacbags for many models of vacuum cleaners, we can always see if one fits your model or if there is a distributor near you.


Water Chiller

Q: My benchtop water chiller blue light is always on - it keeps chilling the water, why?

The chiller has a thermostat that goes by the ambient temperature of the room for measuring the temperature of the water to be chilled and is set to 10°c in the water chamber. If it is a hot day and the room temperature is between 25 - 35°c then the thermostat cannot get down to 10°c so it continues to run.

When that happens you may have to move it to a cooler location (away from a window, heat source, etc.) so that the thermostat can turn off. Alternatively you can turn the unit off as the chiller will still filter the water as normal but will not chill the water.


Q: The water chiller filter is coming out with black water when I soak it, is this normal?

Yes it is completely normal, the filters have got charcoal compound beads inside that filter the water and when thy break the powder is soluble so the resulting water will turn black because of it.

The water is safe to drink (although it doesn’t look that appetising!) but you can remedy this by giving the filter a shake while you’re rinsing it under the tap to agitate the beads inside and to remove any air bubbles as well as soaking it in a dish


Q: I just bought my benchtop water chiller and the water tastes horrible! Why is that?

When the product is manufactured sometimes the plastic moulding retains the plastic taste in the water chamber, but given you can’t wash it freely in the sink like the top two tanks you can still remedy this by creating a 600ml mix of vinegar and water (any vinegar is fine) to remove the plastic flavour and smell from the base chiller.

Because the chiller base holds around 600ml at a time to chill, you can empty the whole unit by the rubber stopper underneath that is held with a metal butterfly clip and let drain.

Replace the rubber stopper and clip and put just the big bottom tank on, so that when you put the 600ml vinegar mix it can funnel down quicker.

Leave it for an hour, or four hours – whatever you think it needs to remove the taste then drain the same way as before, rinse with fresh water, then try again with a full tank.


Fridge/Wine Cooler

Q: I have an Avita 115lt Bar Fridge and the food is not freezing in the freezer compartment, why is that?

The bar fridge is primarily set for chilling food so if you want something more than ice cubes in the freezer you’ll have to increase the setting on the dial in the fridge, as the compressor inside can freeze foods but it needs more power to do so.

Be aware though that some things will not be able to be frozen like meats or bulk foods so it may be best to move them to a bigger freezer for that function.


Q: My wine cooler has an ‘E2’ message flashing on the display screen. What does this mean?

The ‘E2’ message should not affect the operation of the unit and should continue to cool at the temperature set. The error is due to the display board wiring being disconnected from the main circuit board. You can remedy this by unscrewing the back panel of the unit to expose the main circuit board, unclip the wires from the board (they look like little telephone cable clips) and reattach them.

This will solve the problem in most cases, but if not then you can call any local independent refrigeration or electrical repair agent in your area to test the problem. If they need any parts or questions answered they can always call us.


Q: My wine cooler keeps changing temperature and won’t chill, what can I do?

Depending on your cooler, if it has a gas compressor then it may be out of gas to chill which would make the display change temperature. The 900080 24 bottle, C62081 40 bottle and 65 bottle wine cooler has a gas compressor whereas our later models have a thermoelectric system.

You can call any local independent refrigeration or electrical repair agent in your area to test what the problem may be and call us if you need any spare parts or queries answered.


Electric Blankets

Q: My electric blanket controller on one side doesn’t work anymore, how can I fix this?

All of our electric blankets have a killswitch in the controllers that deactivate the controller permanently if there is an issue with the blanket circuitry, to avoid any issue with the rest of the blanket or its surroundings.

If one controller stops working on one side then you can test to see if it is the blanket or controller by unplugging both controllers, get the working controller from the other side of the blanket and plug it in to the side your broken one sat then test if the controller is not working or if there is an issue with the blanket by turning it on to heat up for around 15 – 30min.

If the bed heats up as normal with one working controller on both sides of the bed then you know the controller needs to be replaced, but if the same issue happens with the working controller on the opposite side of the bed then there is an issue with the blanket itself.

Unfortunately that issue will have to be looked at by any local independent electrical or appliance repair agent as we do not have any preferred agents, if it is in warranty then please get in touch with us and we can handle that for you with the Target staff.


Other Appliances

Q: I want to make an alcoholic slushie with the slushie maker but it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?

For the slushie maker to freeze your drink you need to use sugary drinks like Coca Cola or something with a high sugar-based content - cordial is water-based and is harder to freeze unless you’re able to use a liquid concentrate specifically for slushie makers.

Similarly, alcohol has a lower freezing temperature and may not get to the consistency you want which means you will have to cut back on the alcohol measure for this to work.


Q: My kettle has a terrible plastic/burning smell, how can I fix this?

When the product is manufactured sometimes the plastic or metal moulding retains the plastic/metallic taste in the water chamber - you can still remedy this by creating a mix of vinegar and water (any vinegar is fine) to remove the flavour and smell from the jug. Leave it for an hour, or four hours – whatever you think it needs to remove the taste then drain the water and try another kettle with fresh water, if for some reason it doesn’t work then you can take it back to the store for a complete replacement or refund, whichever you prefer.


Q: My stainless steel kettle looks like it is getting rust around the edges, what do I do?

It may look like rust, but it is the colour of the minerals and calcification residue left by the water, and depending on where you live it will be a heavier percentage due to the minerals in the area. This can be fixed by using a bit of warm water, bicarb soda and a green scourer to take it off – the green scourer is tough but gentle enough to shift the residue and the bicarb soda helps it move.


Q: I want to make my own pizzas in the Pizza Maker, can I do this?

Yes, you can. It is best to pre-bake the pizza base before going ahead with all the flavoursome toppings, so that the pizza maker can cook your pizza thoroughly – if you overload it then the pizza maker won’t be hot enough to cook it like you want it.